By Joseph Zhang |

AIGA & Hue is a desktop web experience that visualizes career data from the 2019 AIGA Design Census in a playful and informative manner. The recent over-saturation of interest in certain design fields has resulted in skewed perceptions of neighboring creative industries. This project strives to break those stereotypes by providing a holistic understanding of the creative industry and all the viable career options that exist.

Advisor: Kyuha Shim, Communication Design Studio IV

Project Duration: 7 weeks

Tools: HTML/CSS/JS, Matter.js, Cinema4D, Redshift, Figma, Photoshop

Collaborators: Stefanie Suk, Langston Wells

My Role I handled all technical development of the project. This included implementing all designs in code, synthesizing +9400 data points from AIGA's census, and interactively visualizing them through a JS physics engine. I also played a core part in helping design the site's visual identity and interface.

Problem Space

Designers often have a narrow perception of what they want to do in the future as they think they know what opportunities are available. Over time, they often develop a skewed understanding of certain areas of the creative industry.

Using data collected from the AIGA Design Census, how might we design an enjoyable, interactive experience that broadens designer perspectives on career opportunities in the creative industry?

We designed this website for college students, young professionals, and transitioning professionals — those that are seeking more information regarding career options, common skills needed, and work examples.

Live Site